How can fleet safety be improved?

Lower at-fault accident rates and compliance, safety and liability scores. Create a checklist for each vehicle, making sure that all maintenance recommended by the manufacturer is planned in advance. You can save time by grouping maintenance by intervals, such as fluid changes and tire rotations, to minimize the time the vehicle is off the road. Deborah is an experienced account manager with 25 years of experience in the fleet management industry.

Partnering with customers and driven by relationships, Deborah enjoys managing and offering personalized approaches to fleet management for customers of all sizes. Reduce costs, increase efficiency and increase safety with the visibility of your fleet. Take advantage of our LINK 340 offer and track your assets in real time. Your company's fleet is one of your most important assets, as are the drivers who work hard on your behalf.

Once you've drawn up your plan, now's the time to analyze what telematic fleet safety data you want to track and score. Learn to identify the main driving problems in your fleet and make sure your drivers are safe on the road. Having a telematics platform, that is, a tool that tracks the movements of your fleet in real time, means that all of these fleet safety improvements are much more achievable. Preventive fleet maintenance not only saves you money, but it's also incredibly important for the safety of the vehicles in your fleet and, more importantly, your drivers.

This element of your fleet program ensures that drivers are prepared to perform their jobs safely and efficiently. The Track Your Truck software offers the latest and most accurate mobile and desktop tracking technology so you can improve fleet safety and manage a safer and more productive business. In North America and around the world, Fleet Complete is already helping fleet managers keep their drivers, vehicles and assets safe with reliable and cost-effective hardware and software. We are aware that maintaining a high level of safety and security throughout the fleet is not an easy task.

Fleet management software and devices make it easy to collect and store safety information about your employees every day. Therefore, fleet accidents are costly, and anything you can do to improve fleet safety will not only keep your drivers (and other road users) safe, but will also improve your results. A documented maintenance program will ensure that no maintenance intervals are missed and that all vehicles in your fleet operate smoothly and safely for your employees. If you want to improve fleet safety (or anything else, for that matter), it's up to you to drive the change needed to make those improvements.

When considering how fleet safety can improve, one option is to implement defensive driving programs or provide positive reinforcement for safe drivers. While the steps you take to improve safety can also improve overall operations, reduce costs and improve performance, the real reward is the peace of mind you get from knowing that you've done everything possible to ensure the safety of your fleet and your drivers. If you don't already have one, now is probably a good time to develop a fleet safety policy and then start figuring out all the moving parts you need to make that policy actually work.

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