Who works under a fleet manager?

For example, fleet managers are responsible for overseeing all operations related to transportation needs and personnel. Instead, fleet service coordinators work under the supervision of the fleet manager to perform one or more tasks to assist with daily operations. The fleet manager oversees the lifecycle from start to finish of every commercial vehicle owned by the company. A fleet manager will have many tasks throughout the day, but will usually focus on planning driving routes, directing drivers as needed, and overseeing vehicle maintenance programs.

In addition to operational concerns, fleet managers also play a role in the company's human resources, administrative and financial tasks. With business accounts, it's worth investing time to understand the picture of all the people who participate in the company's fleet. Fleet managers use cloud-based fleet management software to streamline the entire vehicle maintenance process. It is the responsibility of fleet managers to ensure that drivers are satisfied with their work and feel that they are respected.

The responsibilities of the fleet manager include recruiting drivers, maintaining vehicle service records, and ensuring the operational efficiency of the entire fleet throughout the year. Effective fleet managers can even use the idle time tracking features of an ELD to identify drivers who are inactive and reduce fuel waste. For example, during the implementation of the electronic registration device (ELD) mandate, some fleet managers did not want to switch to the new hardware. Fleet managers ensure that vehicles and drivers are used to the maximum in a safe and cost-effective manner.

A fleet manager is in charge of everything related to a company's fleet of commercial motor vehicles. Fleets that are large enough for in-house maintenance, servicing and purchasing parts may have a fleet maintenance supervisor or manager, or even more generic titles, such as workshop foreman, parts manager, or service manager. Fleet managers' salaries can also vary depending on the fleet management company's payment structure, industry, job location, education, and work experiences. The manager must ensure that the fleet contributes to achieving the organization's objectives using available resources.

They know that coercing drivers violates HOS regulations and causes drivers to be dissatisfied, compromises fleet safety and reduces driver retention rates.

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